Sanctuary Select 3 Pass Polyester Blackout Lining - Pearl - 50 meter


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Light flooding into a room can be a nuisance at times and we offer a range of performance Blackout and Thermal linings designed not only to block sunlight, but to offer excellent thermal and sound insulation properties; thus conserving energy, dampening noise and saving money on heating costs.

Our Sanctuary Blackout linings are also fabulous to use with embroidered fabrics, or fabrics with read lines to stop them showing through on the fabric face, ensuring nothing detracts from the curtain design. Our Sanctuary Select Lining is a 3 Pass 100% Polyester Blackout to block light and enhance insulation, offering unsurpassed light control and insulation, including noise suppression. Fine polyester yarns create a durable lining with an excellent drape, the higher density weave offers greater opacity and protection, along with great energy efficiency.

A flocked finish to the coating ensures a soft handle and makes it easier to sew. The inherent properties of polyester resists water and should not be damaged by moisture. The lining offers excellent dimensional stability and low residual shrinkage.

50 meters Roll